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h-beam line machine

PEB H Beam Fabrication machine is used to convert or fabricate H Beams from individual Plates. As the whole welding is done in H – configuration. It is so called H Beam Fabrication Line.

H Beams can be Fabricated from precut lengthy plates called Flange Plates & Web Plates. These Flange & Web plates required are precut from standard available steel plates of industrial stock sizes by either shearing or Plasma / Oxy Fuel  Cutting process.

The Pre Cut Flange & Web Plates are loaded on to the inlet conveyor for further Beam Fabrication processes. The plates are fed to the “H Beam Tack welding station” for doing single point entry level tacking between the 2 Flanges & the Web to form an H configuration. Our H Beam Tack Welder is employed with necessary hydraulic fit-up cylinders which can help the operator in forming the H Beam with enormous ease.